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Coming to France has never been easier ! Find answers to the frequently asked questions here. And keep up to date by consulting our website regularly!

For the visas requests : the appointments have to be taken on-line (slots are opened 7 days before each session only). No appointment will be given by email.

— Last updated on 1 August 2022 —


Coming to France from Malaysia has never been easier ! No quarantine at arrival. No visas for Malaysian citizens for short stays (less than 90 days). However, do check the travel requirements below :

What are the current rules applied at national borders?

In light of the latest developments in the pandemic and as of 1 August 2022, the port health control system has been discontinued, pursuant to the law terminating the emergency measures instituted to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Accordingly, the rules previously applied to travellers to France no longer apply effective from 1 August 2022:

  • Travellers are now exempt from any formalities prior to entry into France, be it in mainland France or overseas, and no longer required to present a health pass, regardless of the country or place of departure;
  • Justification of travel (the “compelling reason”) is no longer required;
  • Travellers are no longer required to present a sworn statement of non-contamination and an undertaking to undergo an antigen test or screening upon arrival in the country.

The same applies to travel between mainland France and each of the overseas territories.

Similarly, the French authorities no longer require any justification for outgoing travel from France, be it from mainland France or overseas, or any exit clearance to travel to another country.

However, foreign countries may continue to apply specific entry measures and formalities.

What are the rules concerning mask-wearing in France?

  • Mask-wearing is no longer mandatory in establishments open to the public, nor on board maritime, river, land and air transport;
  • Mask-wearing continues to be recommended in enclosed and small spaces, and at large gatherings for vulnerable persons (because of age or health conditions in particular);
  • Furthermore, it is highly recommended in hospitals and for elderly people.

Do I need a visa to travel to France?

- For a short stay (less than 90 days) : Malaysian citizens do not need a visa for short stays of less than 90 days in France. For other nationalities, please check the visa wizard:
- For those planning to settle in France : A long-stay visa;
- For those residing in France : A residence permit

The visa section is opened every Monday and Friday. The appointments have to be taken on-line (slots are opened 7 days before each session only). No appointment will be given by email.

Coming back to Malaysia

All travellers are also responsible for verifying with Malaysian Immigration about the conditions of exit and re-entry in Malaysia, whether for Malaysian citizens or citizens of a third country. Conditions of re-entry to Malaysia :

Latest modification 09/08/2022

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