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Please find on the following link the list of translators certified by the Embassy of France.
The Embassy of France can only legalise a translation made by one of these translators. We can not legalise any translation made in another country.

List of translators

Tax refund

1-Requesting an export-visa in retrospect is an exceptional procedure
The procedure allows the traveler who left the European Union without being able to have his Form scanned (technical problem with the PABLO system) or validated by the French customs (exclusively organizational reasons : absence, momentary interruption of services) to request a visa, in retrospect, from the competent territorial customs bureau.

In these circumstances, the Consular section may stamp the buyer tax refund form proving the export of the goods. This tax refund form will need to be sent by post to the French Customs together with the rest of the required documents.

The tax refund stamp can be done only for goods bought in France to residents of Malaysia.

To obtain this stamp, you must make an appointment before showing up. Fees: 27 € per document to be stamped, to be paid in Ringgits, cash only (and no change)

Please provide the following:
• The buyer’s passport as a proof of identity and of entry/exit from France
• Buyer’s plane tickets
• Tax refund form
• All the items stated on the tax refund form
• Invoices for all items stated on tax refund form
• Fee: this formality has a fee of the equivalent of 27 euros, to be paid in Ringgits, cash only.

Please note the final decision is made by the French Customs services. The Embassy of France in Malaysia cannot guarantee a positive decision for a refund upon your request.

For more information please read the French custom’s brochure or their website.

2-Sending your request for refund
You must address your refund request within 6 months of the purchase date, to the regional customs bureau of the final port from which you left the European Union:
Please visit the custom’s website to find out where to send your documents.
Select “Bureau de douane” and in “ville” type, in French, the name of the city you left France from.
If you have left from another EU country, send it to the Paris directorate of French Custom office: 30 rue Raoul Wallenberg 75019 PARIS; email at


You must make an appointment before showing up.

Fees: 25 € per document to be stamped, to be paid in Ringgit and in cash (no change).

The legalization is the formality by which is confirmed the authenticity of the signature, the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted and, where appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which the document bears. It gives rise to a stamp. The document in question should be a private document.

A. What can the embassy legalize:

a. Public documents:

1. Delivered by French authority and to be produced abroad;
2. Delivered by Malaysian authorities:
- To be produced in France;
- To be produced to another French ambassador or Head of the consular post;
3. Delivered by a foreign diplomatic and consular agent in Malaysia:
- To be produced in France;
- To be produced to another French ambassador or head of the consular post.

Documents required:

The French original documents or
The original documents legalized by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia.

b. Private agreement acts whose signatory usually resides in Malaysia or temporarily stays in Malaysia

1 A French nationality;
2. Is a foreigner who shall present this act in France or to an ambassador or a Head of French consulate;
3.Whichever his nationality is, represents a company registered in the France National Register of Commerce and Companies or any other legal entity of private law with its headquarters in France.

Documents required:

The original of the document to be signed before the Consular Officer and an ID (with photo and signature), or
The original translation prepared by an accredited translator by the Embassy of France in Malaysia.

Certified true copy

You must make an appointment before showing up.

Fees: 21 € per document to be stamped, to be paid in Ringgit and in cash (no change).

For us to certify true copy a document, you will have to submit the original document and its photocopy.

The fee is 21 euros. They are to be paid in ringgit and in cash.

Conversion of Malaysian driving license in French driving license

The French driver’s license must be requested during the first year of residence in France. Upon issuance of the French driving license, the foreign title is retained by the prefecture; it can be returned in exchange for the French title. The Malaysian license must:
- Be valid;
- Have been obtained prior to the date of issue of the residence permit or, for French, for a minimum stay of six months in Malaysia (proof: proof of residence or change of residence);
- Be accompanied by a French translation legalized by the Embassy accredited translator.

The recognition is limited to the length of stay in France or the validity of the driving license Malaysia.
L category is not recognized in France.
Class P is equivalent to probationary license.

Do not wait until the last moment to worry about it!

Inquire prefecture to find the necessary documents to exchange your foreign driver’s license or visit their website.

The following documents may be requested:

the translation of the driving license in French by a certified translator;
the legalization of the translation by the Embassy of France
an authentication letter from JPJ (Malaysian Ministry of Transport) also translated and legalized

Customs formalities

You transfer your main residence to France

You are exempted of custom taxes on your personal belongings if you have been living outside the EU for more than 12 months.

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