Towards the industrial renewal of France: accelerate deployment of the Industry of the Future and the nine industrial solutions in France and internationally [fr]


The 34 priorities of the New Face of Industry in France programme launched in 2013 identified a road map for the industrial renewal of our country. But to accelerate this industrial renaissance, it is vital to clarify their thrust, make them more attuned to the expectations of consumers and give them a more international focus. The second phase of the programme that I am launching today is intended to achieve these goals. Acting alongside the project leaders, we have decided to introduce new momentum and a new organisational structure.

New momentum, first of all, by organising nationwide efforts around the Industry of the Future. Concretely, this will mean investing more and better by encouraging companies to modernise their production base and use digital technologies to transform their business model. The challenge is to forge a more connected, more competitive industry, more responsive to customers’ needs and more respectful of its environment and workforce. With the exceptional measures announced at the beginning of April to boost investment, the public authorities have committed massive resources in support of this goal. Now, industrial companies must come to grips with the over-riding priority, the Industry of the Future: this is the mission of the Alliance they have decided to create. The National Council for Industry (CNI) and employee trade unions will be fully associated with its action: upskilling the industrial workforce and training our young people will be a crucial and essential driver of France’s new ambitions.


Latest modification 10/06/2015

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