Why France for the 2025 World Expo?

To bridge together the gap between thought and action, and address a challenge that is crucial for the future of humanity.

Because France and greater Paris are in an exceptional position to serve this ambition.

From the very outset, in the 19th century, France and Paris have been leading World Expo players. Remember the Eiffel Tower, in 1889, centenary year of the French Revolution? At that time, science, technology and machinery embodied the hope for economic and social progress. Since then, we have learned that the well-being of Humanity cannot prosper by depleting the resources of the Earth we live on. Hence the questioning and even the anxiety of the younger generations who look to the future, leading us to choose the theme “Sharing our Knowledge, Caring for our Planet”.

Ten years after COP 21 and five years before the deadline for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, how can we advance and better share our knowledge, our cultures, in all their rich diversity and fulfil their promise? How can we re-establish the link between science and progress?


In 2025, how can the World Expo model, a far-reaching, instructive, festive experience, be renewed and modernized, while giving all countries, and not just a few, the opportunity to participate in this portrait of possibility that we wish to paint, and to build the most noble of legacies by contributing to its realization?

These are the crucial concerns that our bid wishes to address.

France and Paris-Saclay dispose of specific assets to successfully organise a large global event dedicated to our theme: the universal traditional vocation of our country; our research and innovation capacity; our role within the European Union and international bodies in the fight against climate change; the transformation of Paris into a world metropole, illustrated by the new greater Paris identity and by the current implementation of an extensive development programme for the Ile-de-France transport infrastructure with a 2024 deadline; the legacy embodied by the Paris-Saclay universal scientific campus; our proven savoir-faire in the organisation and securing of large-scale events; our tourist renown and attractiveness; our gastronomy; a project driven by an original articulation between bold entrepreneurs and a State that is a guarantor of equilibrium; visible support from public opinion that has already been proven, in particular, by the intention of other French metropoles to be associated with
this project.

These are, therefore, the guiding principles of our bid.

In them, I see a chance for our country to contribute to a new universal ambition, build on our past to embrace the future, and harness globalisation, an aspiration shared by our citizens as well as by the peoples of other nations. Hence my unwavering resolve, alongside those who embody this great adventure, to make the World Expo a tremendous success.

Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic

Latest modification 17/11/2017

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