Why Choose France?

Want the best study abroad experience at an affordable price? Choose France!
Here is the information you need to get started, as well as a few tips on how to prepare for your studies in France.

If you need more information, the team of the Malaysia-France University Centre (MFUC) is here to help you with your plan to study in France: visit http://www.mfuc.org/ and contact them at info@mfuc.org or +603 2142 7475.


What are the reputable courses in France available for Malaysians?

Engineering, tourism, science, business, visual arts, or something else? Short programme, bachelor’s degree, masters or PhD? Here are several tools that can help you select the programme that corresponds to your level and area of studies in French higher education.

Why is getting a degree in France cheaper than in other countries?

In French public universities, most of the cost of your tuition fee will be paid by the French government, whether you are a French student or a foreign student. This represents an average annual investment by the French government of MYR 66,650 per student!

What’s left for you to pay if you go to any public university?

  • About RM 12 560 (=2770€) for one year at the Bachelor’s level;
  • About RM 17 100 (=3770€) for one year at the Master’s level;
  • About RM 17 100 (=3770€) for one year in an engineering school;
  • About RM 1,720 (=380€) only for one year of a Doctorate (there is a strong public support policy on this level. The French government will assume most of the cost of your education until you complete your doctoral degree programme)

You can also check out all the grants which are offered to Malaysian students.

What about the cost of living in France as a student?

Food, transportation, entertainment… the cost of living in France can be higher than in Malaysia, especially in Paris. So download an app that converts euros into ringgit, prepare your budget, and learn about the financial perks of being a student in France:

  • If you’re on a tight dining budget, try opening the door to one of the 450 university restaurants in France. For 3.30 € (RM 15), you can enjoy a complete meal, with starter, main course and dessert.
  • Just present your student card and you will receive significant discounts at museums, theatres and movie theaters.
  • Entry to libraries is free for all students.
  • You can get up to several hundred euros from the CAF (Caisse des Allocations Familiales - the Family Allowances Fund) to help you pay for your rent.

Do you need to speak French in order to study in France? …. Nope!

More than 1,500 programs are provided in English: check out the catalogue.
On the other hand, if you are taking courses in French, remember that you must present a document attesting to your level of French. The Alliance Française, based in KL and Penang is here to help you pass the certified tests.

Prepare for your arrival in France

Moving to a different country can be stressful (packing, visa, finding accommodation). But here is a checklist of what you need to do, so that your arrival to France is as relaxed as a walk along the Malacca river.

Just landed in France for your studies?

Welcome! You’re going to have a great time. But where to start? Don’t worry! We’ll guide you through, step by step.

You’re not alone!

There are hundreds of Malaysian students in France: Paris, Toulouse, Nice, Aix en Provence… So no matter where you go, you will be able to connect with fellow compatriots who know how to cook nasi lemak. Check out the Facebook page of the Malaysian Association in France.

Finding a home

Here are a few tips on how to find your home sweet home during your stay in France.

Taking care of yourself when you study in France

Stay healthy so you can study better and enjoy your student life in France, the country of “art de vivre”.

Working in France during and after your studies? It’s possible!

Want to find a job during your studies to improve your day to day life and make the most of your time here? Here’s what you need to know.

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