What type of visa?

Visas are divided into two categories:
short stay (<90 days)
long stay (>90 days)

  1. The presentation of all documents to the visa section does not guarantee the issuance of visa.
  2. It is essential that you carry with you the documents that enabled you to get your visa.
  3. The visa does not guarantee entry into the French or Schengen territory.


In addition to a valid passport with a visa (except for exempted nationals), every foreigner, when entering France, should be in a position to produce to the Immigration Officer the following documents:

  1. Motive of stay in France (for tourism: hotel reservation, documents from a travel agency ; for a professional visit: letter from the employer, invitation from a French firm or organization ; for a private visit: "attestation d’accueil" delivered by the ’’mairie’’)
  2. Means of living: cash, traveller’s cheques, international valid credit card...
  3. Guaranties of return: return ticket...

A Schengen visa does not allow entrance into a French overseas territory.

Latest modification 04/07/2017

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