Teachers’ initial and continuing training

The Education Department is involved in different levels regarding the Malaysians French teachers’ initial and continuing training.

Initial training:

Thanks to a MOU signed in 2007 between the Malaysian Ministry of Education and the Université Franche-Comté (UFC), public secondary French teachers benefit from a unique training program. Future French teachers join the IPGKBA (the institute of training for future teachers) for 2 years during which they study French language to reach a level B2. Then they go to UFC for 3 years where they join a Bachelor program in Linguistics with a minor in French as a Foreign Language. Finally, they come back for their final year at IPGKBA where they are placed in schools for an internship.
Therefore, since 2007, more than 60 teachers, trained in France, have been placed in Malaysian public secondary schools. Currently, three cohorts of 46 students in total are part of this program, either in France or at IPGKBA.

The Embassy plays a major part in this initial training as it finances the social security grant of each student in France. Furthermore, the project manager for education cooperation gives French classes at IPGKBA.

Continuing training:

The support of the Embassy of France to continuing training is substantial. The Education Department offers different types of grants to French teachers to enable them to pursue their training all along their career:
-  4 annual grants for a linguistic stay in France: French courses and professional training
-  2 or 3 grants to attend a regional training
-  2 grants for a distance-learning Master
-  1 grant for a Doctorate

Locally, the Department is constantly supporting the Malaysian Association of French Teachers, annually organising the French teachers’ convention. During this convention, the teachers can attend conferences and workshops on teaching methods. The Department also finances the sessions of DELF examiners training.

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