Presentation of the Education Department [fr]


The Education Department of the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France in Malaysia is composed of an Attaché and a project manager for education cooperation. Its role is to strengthen the presence of French language and culture in Malaysian schools and universities. The work of the Education Department is variously advisory, conceptual, developmental, promotional and administrative.
We build on partnerships with public and private institutions to enhance the cooperation in education and create bridges between Malaysia and France. At the same time, the Department takes part in initial and continuous teachers’ training.
Regarding learners, the Department organises school competitions in the framework of the French Language week, as well as immersion days, and it also provides educational material.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question, or to see how we can support your project.

Education Attaché : Nicolas Gouletquer
Project Manager : Sophie Lafont

Latest modification 14/03/2017

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