Francophonie 2017

Saturday March 18th 2017, around 500 guests gathered at the Glasshouse at Seputeh to celebrate the opening of the 22nd French Language Week in Malaysia.


The Education Department of the co-operation, Scientific and Cultural Department in partnership with 12 embassies and high commissions, along with the Alliance Française and the Malaysian Association of French Teachers, has organised the Francophonie buffet which was held for the first time at the Glasshouse.

It was the occasion to gather the various actors of the Francophonie in Malaysia. Around beautifully decorated tables, the guests enjoyed traditional food and drinks of each represented country. Meanwhile, artists from Guinea, Kelantan, Mauritius, Morocco and Kuala Lumpur shared the stage to offer a great show to the 500 guests.

The Glasshouse, decorated as an airport hall, allowed the guests to travel to the diversity represented by the countries of the International Organisation of the Francophonie.

A lucky draw allowed guests to receive a return ticket to Mauritius, 5 bottles of Dior perfume, and 2 floral arrangements offered by la Maison des roses.

The sponsors of the event were : Monin, Air Mauritius, Dior, la Maison des roses, School advisor, Novotel, Pernod Ricard, HelpCat, Asia-Euro, IPGKBA and Glasshouse

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