French-Malaysian bilateral relations

2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral ties between France and Malaysia

French-Malaysian political relations are relatively new, though it could also be traced back to old days. If the first significant memories of French presence in Malaya took place during the British protectorate (a novel entitled « Malaisie » or « Malaysia » by planter Henri Fauconnier won the Goncourt award in 1930), France was one of the privileged 20 countries making a gesture to open an embassy in Kuala Lumpur since 1957. Since more than half a century, the two nations have been committed to strengthen the ties, which have always been amicable despite the distance.


Develop cooperations
The Embassy of France in Malaysia works to develop cooperations in ever-growing sectors (defence, trade and industry, higher education are among the most visible). Frequent visits to France by Malaysian members of government are a testimony to the interest evoked by this cooperation.


Diversify contacts
Authorities from both countries are devoted to diversify and densify their contacts at all levels. Malaysia is a member of the Non-Alligned Movement and the OIC as well as the Commonwealth. Its voice carries weight on the international scene, on matters that equally concern France, such as environment.

France’s key partner in the region
A founding member of ASEAN, Malaysia is France’s key partner in South East Asia. It appears as an essential player, through its commitment in favour of regional construction. The French government has always appreciated Malaysia’s commitment in ASEAN and in Asia Pacific, and also for contributions made outside the region, to stability and world development.

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