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Paris Vision for 2024

Here in Paris, we want the Games with a passion.
Games for the athletes.
Games with Parisians; with the people of France, and the world.
Games in the very heart of the city…
That are Games for everyone.
That help to respect people and the planet.
And that inspire us to sport, and support us as we do it.
Breath-taking Games, which bring us together…
And where everyone can share their emotions….
In a city where sharing is a way of life.
Sharing of emotions, ideas and passion.
Sharing to drive progress and innovation.
Sharing to unite us – and to strengthen sport.
A way of seeing things, of living.
A way for young people to make their mark the world.
A way to put the Olympic Spirit into action like never before.
Paris 2024 will be about sharing the best that we have to offer:
Our city, its soul and its passion.
About sharing the spirit of human achievement seen in the Games.
About sharing a vision for a better future.

Sharing. This is what we were made for.

Paris 2024. Made for Sharing

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