Dialogue with Islam’s forum first meeting [fr]

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The Grand Mosque of Paris

The first meeting of the new Forum for Dialogue of the French Government with Islam was held in Paris on 15 June 2015. Prepared by a broad consultation carried out throughout the country, it has given rise to rich debates, which allowed the Muslim communities to express their expectations from our country and also their strong attachment to the Republic. The following points emerged from this first meeting:

France guarantees freedom of religion and belief, which is a fundamental freedom guaranteed by our Constitution and our international commitments. This freedom is particularly a fruit of secularism, which established the principle of religious neutrality of the State.

In this context, Islam, like all religions, has its place in our society. The authorities are keen to ensure that Muslim believers can practice their faith in freedom and dignity, while also respecting the laws and values of the Republic and other beliefs.

While Islam is of recent onset in French society, the government is encouraging the emergence of an Islam of France, which is well integrated into French society and in tune with the values of the Republic. It takes, for this purpose, a number of measures that are within its jurisdiction. But under the principle of secularism, it is for the Muslim communities themselves to take what is their responsibility (religious education for example).

The dialogue started on 15 June will be continued.

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