DELF scolaire award ceremony at the AFKL

On Tuesday 18th of April, the award ceremony of the DELF scolaire took place at the Alliance Française of Kuala Lumpur. This official diploma delivered by the French Ministry of Education acknowledges skills in French for students from schools.

In 2016, more than 2700 pupils from Malaysian secondary public schools sat for this exam and 92.1% of them succeeded, which attests the high quality teaching of French in Malaysian schools. This ceremony was the occasion to reward the 10 best candidates of the level A1, the 10 best of the level A2 and to celebrate our fruitful collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia.


The ceremony gathered candidates, their family, some of their friends and teachers. Laureates received their diploma from the Director of the Examination Syndicates, the Head of Education Department at the Embassy and the Director of the Alliance Française.

Then the guests enjoyed some French pastries prepared by the Chef Leoniel from the café of the Alliance Française.

Latest modification 25/07/2017

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