AMPF : The Malaysian French Teachers Association [fr]

The Malaysian French Teachers Association (AMPF) is part of the FIPF (International Federation of the French Teachers).

The AMPF organises different events for French teachers and students throughout the year (school competitions, cultural days, annual meetings…). It also publishes a yearly newsletter; “Bulletin de l’Association des Professeurs de Français de Malaisie”. This newsletter, written by members of the association, gathers teachers’ testimonies, articles aiming at developing pedagogical skills, feedbacks on various trainings, information about studies in France (Masters, linguistic stays…).
The AMPF receives a strong support from the Cultural Service of the French Embassy.

Committee (2017-2019)

President: Husna bt Rahmat
Vice-president: Liew Nyok Lin
Secretary-general: Fairuz bt Azman
Treasurer: Muhammad bin Bahrudin
Vice-Treasurer: Than Yin Swan


1.Deng Sook Sueng
2.Patricia Ridget
3.Nur Asmaniza bt Noor Zohori (Blog)
4.Nuraimi bt Abdullah
5.Raja Nazreen b. Raja Kamaruzzaman (Blog)
6.Halimatun Saadiah bt Mohamad Noor (Blog)


1.Ahmad Kamil b. Ghazali
2.Leekky Michin

If you want to contact the AMPF:

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