2nd edition of the French Language Teachers Congress

The Education Department of the Embassy of France in Malaysia (SCAC) organized the 2nd edition of the French Language Teachers Congress at UITM Asha Alam on the 13th and 14th of May

The annual congress aims to support the continuous training of the French language teachers from schools and universities, the exchange of goods practices and strengthen the French language teachers’ network. More than 70 teachers attended the two days’ workshop and plenary sessions, including teachers from Thailand.

This year, two main topics were chosen :

-  The concepts of plurilingualism and “awareness of languages” (“l’Eveil aux langues” program). Malaysia is a plurilingual country and it is important to question how to teach foreign languages in this context.
-  A new curriculum for French language has been implemented this year in all the secondary public schools in Malaysia and new challenges are arising ; the congress was a good opportunity to introduce the new curriculum and provide good tips on how to use it. It is also a good example of curriculum for international schools and universities willing to implement a curriculum.

The guest speakers were : Thierry Gaillat, Professor at University of Reunion Island and Adeline Richer, head of pedagogy at Hachette.
For the local trainers : Noraziah Binti abdul Aziz (UPSI) et Norhayati Yusof (SMS Sultan Mahmud) ; Dr Nor Zihan Hussin (Ministry of Education Malaysia), Mohd Syukor Abdullah (SMK Dato’Mohd Said), Suziana Mat Saad (UKM).

Next year a new congress will be organized again in the frame of Le French Festival. If you would like to attend or to be a speaker, please contact M. Nicolas Gouletquer, Head of the Education Department : nicolas.gouletquer@diplomatie.gouv.fr

Latest modification 23/05/2017

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