French Language

  • French Language

    French is foremost an international language, spoken in over thirty-five countries spanning every region of the world from Europe, America and the Caribbean to Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. It remains, with (...)

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  • French : the not so foreign language

    It is a fact that is probably hard to acknowledge by either side. As the two major languages of the Western world, English and French naturally contributed many other words to each other. The English language, born (...)

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  • A small history of French language

    Jules and the Gauls
    Let us start with the truth. French is not called a romance language because it is romantic. In France and in the cultures of the French speaking world, Italians have the reputation of being (...)

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  • Why learn French ?

    Other than being useful during cocktails and to correctly pronounce the name of your favourite French designer label there are plenty of reasons to learn French. Ask Mahadzir Lokman, Deanna Yusuf, MTV VJ Denise (...)

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  • Francophony

    First coined in 1880 by the geographer Onésime Reclus to describe the linguistic and cultural community which France was building with her colonies, the French term "francophonie" has today rid itself of that (...)

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